Laser cutting of protective equipment

Specially developed laser systems for cutting personal protective equipment

Where mechanical processing methods reach their limits, e.g. when cutting aramid fabric, our laser systems score with efficiency and reliability. Above all, the contactless processing by the laser beam and the associated distortion-free cutting as well as the high precision are decisive arguments for the use of laser technology in textile and plastics processing. Fringe-free, sealed cutting edges ensure optimal results.

Protective equipment for the military, police, security personnel and recreational sports.

What are the advantages of the laser when cutting personal protective equipment?

  • Reduction of costs - thanks to sealed cut edges, no more trimming is necessary
  • Dust-free cutting - less cleaning effort
  • Automated processing straight from the roll
  • No material fixation required due to contact-free and force-free processing
  • Fast and efficient cutting regardless of the fabric structure
  • Laser cutting and engraving in a single operation
  • No tool wear - no loss of quality
  • Laser cutting of extremely fine, virtually radius-free contours
  • Significant potential for cost saving for high quality raw materials thanks to the nesting function

We recommend the following laser systems for laser cutting textiles for protective equipment:

What are the additional benefits of eurolaser CO₂ laser cutters?

  • Combined processing with CO2 laser and knife possible on one machine
  • Unique choice of different table sizes – suitable for all standard sizes (panels, sheets or rolls)
  • Conveyor system for fully-automatic laser processing directly from the roll
  • Special tables for optimal cutting
  • Camera detection for laser cutting of printed materials
  • Large-format engravings over the entire working area
  • Labelling of parts by the label module
  • Application of sewing markings by the ink printer module
  • Modular design allows expansion through retrofitting
  • Designed for industrial use (24/7)

What are CO₂ laser systems used for in the field of personal protective equipment?

Your own safety is the top priority in all actions. It is therefore important to pay attention to quality and precision when manufacturing protective clothing. eurolaser combines all important criteria in its CO2 laser systems. Thanks to stress-free material feeding and contactless processing, precise and filigree cuts are no longer a thing of the past. Working steps in further processing (e.g. edging) are omitted due to the thermal laser cutting. Thanks to our optical detection system, even printed materials can be cut without any problems.

Typical laser-cut products are: protective vests, splinter protection, cut and stab protection, flame protection, fragment protection, head protection, ballistic shields, but also protective work clothing. Furthermore, our laser systems are used for cutting leisure sports clothing (e.g. paintball, air soft).

Application examples of the eurolaser CO₂ laser systems:

Protective vests - Laser cutting of aramid fabrics

Lasers cut through bullet- and stab-resistant vests and other tactical textiles, resulting in benefits such as precisely cut edges with no fraying, and no tool wear.

Protective masks - Laser cutting of textiles

Benefits like distortion-free cutting and very high precision are arguments to cut technical textiles such as protective masks with laser, no matter if for cut small series or mass production.

Face Shields - Laser cutting of plastics

Protective equipment made from plastics (e.g. Face Shields) can be excellently cut by laser with benefits such as clean and perfect cut edges, the highest level of precision and optional nesting.

We have tested the following materials for their laser cutting ability:

Laser cutting of Deliflame® - Heat protection

Lasers are ideally suited to cut through heat-resistant fabrics like Deliflame®; benefits include the automated processing from the roll, high precision and optional permanent marking.

Laser cutting of PALStex® - Laser-cut carrying systems

Our lasers are perfectly suited for cutting the PALStex, the Cordura®-based fabric, producing lint-free cut edges, precise and filigree details and reducing tool wear.

Laser cutting of Cordura® - Protective gear for sports

Lasers cut through the woven polyamide fiber Cordura® without problems, resulting in sealed cut edges with no fraying, the very high precision, and the option for labeling in one operation.

We will be pleased to advise you on the topic of laser cutting as well as on our laser systems and special options for safety-relevant materials.


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