Laser cutting of cutting dies

eurolaser has laser cutters that are specifically configured for the packaging industry

The outstanding features of laser cutting are high quality and flexibility. Precision is the crucial criterion in the production of die cutters. The contactless laser cutting process is fast, accurate and produces perfect cuts. The material is vaporised, meaning that there are no chippings, which in turn minimises the amount of cleaning. In parallel to the laser, mechanical tools can be optionally installed on the system. With this you can also process ejection rubbers or create prototype packaging.

What are the benefits of cutting cutting dies with laser?

  • No crushing of the material and less breakage thanks to force-free processing
  • Box-cut processing: Cutting in focus means less material to "evaporate", fewer emissions, cheaper exhaust and filtering units
  • No chippings – so no cleaning necessary
  • Wave cutting for simulation of the pulsed operation of large lasers
  • No material fixation necessary
  • Low noise generation during cutting
  • Consistently high cutting quality because there is no tool wear
  • Cutting of “swimming lines”, to compensate canting of the knife
  • Simple integration of existing software and direct activation of cff2 and dds files

What are the additional benefits of eurolaser CO₂ laser cutting systems in the production of cutting dies?

  • Efficient utilisation of the laser cutting systems thanks to many versatile software packages
  • Acquisition and transmission of data from other system providers is no problem thanks to flexible software packages
  • Modular design allows expansion through retrofitting
  • Freely accessible processing areas for fast mounting
  • Large-format engravings over the entire working area

Laser cutting of cutting dies with eurolaser systems:

Cutting dies for the packing industry and similar sectors can be cut quickly and accurately with laser cutting systems from eurolaser. The most impressive feature of the cutting dies, that are usually made or wood-based Multiplex, is their absolute precision. The cutting width can be selected freely and can be adjusted to the cutting die used. Cut with constantly high accuracy from 1 pt to 6 pt. Focus your cutting with the box cut process. At the same time, less material vaporises, which means fewer emissions and therefore more cost-effective extraction and filter systems. The matching ejection rubbers can be cut and marked on the same system with very little extra time and expenditure. You do not need a drying process, as with water cutting systems. Fast creation of packing templates is also no problem. With the parallel usage of mechanical tools, you can quickly create design, material and functional alternatives. The labelling of material surfaces is also possible in one operation. Simply label the ejection rubbers or cardboard with our labelling tools, and the multiplex cutting dies with accurate laser marking. The right packaging for every product made of paperboard or paper- digitally punched as it were.

We will be pleased to advise you on the topic of laser cutting of cutting dies, as well as on our laser systems and special options for the packaging industry.


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