CO₂ laser cutter in the field of military and police

Powerful laser systems for the cutting of textiles and plastics

Wherever mechanical processing techniques meet their limit, e.g. when cutting aramid fabrics, laser systems impress with their efficiency and reliability. In particular, the contactless process enabled by the laser beam and the accompanying distortion-free cutting plus the high degree of precision are all decisive arguments in favour of the use of laser technology for textile processing.

What are the advantages of laser cutting in the field of the military and police?

Lint-free, cleanly cut edges
Lint-free, cleanly cut edges
Cutting of highly stable materials, like aramid
Cutting of highly stable materials, like aramid
Cutting of larger formats
Cutting of larger formats
  • Laser cutting of extremely fine, virtually radius-free contours
  • No material fixation required due to contact-free and force-free processing
  • Simple production via a PC design program
  • Significant potential for cost saving for high quality raw materials thanks to the nesting function
  • No tool wear - no loss of quality
  • Laser cutting and engraving in a single operation

What are the additional benefits of eurolaser CO₂ laser cutters?

  • Combined processing with CO2 laser and knife possible on one machine
  • Unique choice of different table sizes – suitable for all standard sizes (panels, sheets or rolls)
  • Conveyor system for fully-automatic laser processing directly from the roll
  • Special tables for optimal cutting
  • Camera detection for laser cutting of printed materials
Efficient usage of CO₂ lasers for security services, police and military

What are CO₂ laser systems in the field of military and police used for?

Typical application examples of laser systems for security services are the cutting of protective clothing. Your own safety is of utmost importance for all activities. It is therefore crucial to ensure quality and precision already when producing protective clothing. Eurolaser combines all important criteria in its CO2 laser systems. With stress-free material feeding as well as contact-free handling, precise and delicate cuts are no longer a thing of the past. With our optical detection system, printed material can also be cut without problems.

More information on laser cutting in the field of military and police:

More information on laser cutting in the field of military and police:

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