Laser cutting of medical products

eurolaser offers CO₂ laser cutters configured especially for textiles and plastics

The laser has become indispensable in medical technology. As a matter of fact, the laser systems of eurolaser are not therapeutic lasers, but efficient cutting tools for non-metallic materials. In medicine, precision comes first. This precision, coupled with speed and reliability, can be found in our laser systems. Above all, the contactless process enabled by the laser beam and the accompanying distortion-free cutting are decisive arguments in favour of the use of this technology. The thermal laser process ensures the cut edges are sealed during the cutting of synthetic textiles.

What are the benefits of laser cutting in medical technology?

  • Clean and perfect cut edges - no reworking necessary
  • No tool wear – consistently high cutting quality
  • High degree of flexibility in the choice of contours – without any need for tool construction or changeover
  • No textile distortion – thanks to contactless processing
  • Less cleaning required due to reduced dust formation during cutting
  • Extremely high level of precision and repeat accuracy during cutting
  • Machining in all directions – regardless of the textile structure

What additional benefits do eurolaser CO₂ laser cutters have for cutting medical products?

  • High degree of flexibility by means of combined cutting with knife tools and CO2 lasers on a single cutter
  • Unique choice of different table sizes – suitable for all standard roll and panel sizes
  • Less waste thanks to nesting software
  • Acquisition and transmission of data from other system providers is no problem thanks to flexible software packages
  • Conveyor system for fully-automatic laser processing directly from the roll

Information on CO₂ laser systems in medical technology:

Laser systems are extremely versatile. With these, you can apply individual laser markings, e.g. on hearing aids, implants or instruments. In doing so, the surface structure is not changed, but simply a colour change is achieved, which makes it impossible for germs to accumulate. Often, textile materials are cut. A typical medical product, which is produced by laser, is insoles. Orthopaedic insoles are usually composed of different material layers, to achieve the ideal product properties for customers. These insoles are often punched. However, the many sizes and different materials require a large number of cutting dies being produced and in stock. Many productions have been converted to laser systems for reasons of flexibility and to avoid storage costs.

Materials often used for laser cutting:

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