Laser marking and inscribing

Profitability thanks to high-speed marking

Inscriptions can be applied with breathtaking speed using the CO2 marking system QucikMark. The permanent markings are ideal for barcodes, for example, or logos and serial numbers. There is no chipping waste because laser marking is a contactless process. In addition eurolaser has large-format CO2 laser systems in its range that are suitable not only for cutting but laser marking as well. A resolution of up to 1200 dpi means that even high-resolution pictures can be reproduced.

What are the benefits of laser marking?

  • Very high speeds
  • No material damage thanks to force-free processing
  • No chippings – so no cleaning of area around the machine necessary
  • High repeat accuracy
  • No material fixation necessary
  • Color change in some materials due to thermal exposure
  • High degree of flexibility in the choice of contours

What additional benefits do eurolaser systems offer?

  • Optical camera recognition for the laser marking of printed materials with pinpoint precision
  • Efficient utilization of the systems thanks to many versatile software packages
  • Modular design allows expansion through retrofitting
  • Freely accessible processing areas for fast mounting

Laser marking with eurolaser systems:

Laser marking is used in many different branches. Frequent applications include type plates, product markings, barcodes and serial numbers. Although lettering, logos, pictures and ornaments are also often created with this procedure. Typical materials for inscribing with CO2 lasers include e.g. plastics, acrylic, wood as well as marble, anodized aluminum or glass.

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