Sublimation ink in laser test

Print & Cut – Automated cutting of printed textiles directly from the roll

When manufacturing printed textiles, it’s all about contour-accurate cuts without affecting the print. In cooperation with Mimaki Deutschland, we have tested textile prints for processing with our laser systems. The Sb610 is a sublimation ink made by Mimaki, which is first printed on a sublimation paper and then transferred/sublimated to a polyester material by calender or hot press using heat, time and pressure. By heating, the dyes are sublimated into the fibers without additional printing. The eurolaser cutter with conveyor system is perfect for printed textiles, for example in applications such as print on demand in the advertising industry.

The goal of the laser test:

Clean cuts without print damage

We tested printing with the Sb610 sublimation ink from Mimaki Germany for processing with our laser cutters:

  • Clean, directly sealed cut edges without  fringes or traces of smoke, especially in white areas
  • No damage to the print - color and surface structure are retained even after cutting
  • Precise contour detection via fiducial marks
  • High degree of automation thanks to the Conveyor System inkluding Feeding Unit

The test setup: L-1200 Conveyor System with 400 watts

Table concept:  Conveyor automation
Automated processing with Smart Feed option for seamless cut continuation.

Recommended laser power: 60 watts
Optimal laser power for best possible cutting results.

Test result:

Excellent results in the cutting test of sublimation prints on textile

In our laser test, we were able to successfully meet all the requirements set by Mimaki Deutschland. Neither in the print area nor on the white areas did the textiles show any smoke residue after cutting. The result is flawless. The applied ink shows no damage whatsoever. Even filigree details are no problem. Thanks to the sealing in the same work step, there is no need for post-processing, for example by resewing the cut edges. The vacuum created on the cutting table underneath the textile ensures a crease-free position and facilitates distortion-free cutting. Mechanical clamping or fixing is no longer necessary. In use, the eurolaser system impresses with its speed and high repeatability without any tool wear.

For cutting printed textiles, we recommend the use of a eurolaser system including a Conveyor System automation. In conjunction with the Sb610 sublimation ink from Mimaki, you can achieve outstanding results.

Sb610 with ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX certification

Suitability for laser cutting: excellently suitable

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