Laser cutting as a service

Flexible eurolaser systems – The best choice for every contract manufacturer

Individual orders, short production times, different batch sizes: these are the daily challenges in contract manufacturing. A wide variety of materials, from textiles and plastics to wood and composites, are processed for different customers. The multitude of applications with their very own processing challenges is made for the laser as an all-round tool. Laser systems from eurolaser impress with consistently high cutting quality, ease of operation and many other factors, such as mechanical tools parallel to the laser for more flexibility in material selection and less setup time.

What are the benefits of eurolaser systems for service providers:

  • Fast job changeover without changeover times
  • Cutting, engraving and marking on one machine
  • Suitable table concepts for various materials
  • Time saving due to reduction of tool changes
  • Single-item or series production - economical work possible regardless of batch size
  • Low cleaning effort due to chipless machining
  • High durability, no tool wear

What are the additional benefits of eurolaser CO2 laser cutters for service providers?

  • Engraving option PICTUREplus for impressive engravings
  • High modularity of the systems for future upgrades
  • Low training requirements thanks to clear machine operation
  • High-quality components

Why are laser cutters used by contract manufacturers?

Contract manufacturers are used where it does not make sense for other companies to set up their own production for business reasons. As service providers, they are commissioned to cut a wide variety of materials, which are then processed into different end products. In doing so, they operate with a high degree of flexibility and can realize batch size 1 economically as well as produce extensive series. Here, eurolaser systems score points for their cost-effectiveness, since there are no tool changes or expensive production of tools, as is the case with punching, for example. Instead, it is possible to change efficiently from job to job without setup times. Equipped with high-end laser systems from eurolaser, service providers can work 24/7 in shift operation – without any loss of quality.

Selection of eurolaser customers offering laser cutting as a service:

Application examples of eurolaser CO2 laser systems:

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