Onto the roll and off you go!

Information about the Winding Unit

If you unwind, you probably must also rewind. This is not a slogan, but sometimes a practical option for eurolaser cutting systems used in the industrial processing of roll material. The winder is positioned at the end of the process and enables:

  • Roll material with widths of 1.3 m to 3.2 m to be rewound
  • Material feed and removal to be fully automated
  • An appreciable saving in working time, as there is no need for manual collection

The goods are rapidly removed by means of a pneumatic expansion shaft with practical hinged bearings. The winder also offers many useful features:

  • Clockwise-anticlockwise winding
  • Bale diameter up to 1 m
  • Bale weight up to 200 kg
  • Automatic or manual option
  • 2-stage winding speed depending on bale diameter
  • Sensor loop control
  • Automatic remote control
  • Overload detection and status display on central control panel
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Functional descriptions

Automatic mode

The material to be processed is initially fixed manually and adequately secured on the clamped core roll. In automatic mode, winding can optionally be carried out clockwise or anticlockwise when the LCS is switched on. The winder is driven automatically using adjustable optical sensors for controlling the loop. The winding speed is adjusted in two stages depending on the bale diameter. If the bale is too heavy or if the sensor control fails, the motor drive switches off automatically in the overload range. A status alarm is then output centrally on the LCS control panel.

Manual mode

The winder can be switched to manual for clamping, setting up or removal and for unwinding. Clockwise-anticlockwise operation is also possible in this mode. The sensor control is bypassed.

Technical specifications

Function principle:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Weight approx.:
Max. roll width:
Max. roll weight:
Max. roll diameter:
Roll core diameter:
Electrical connection:
Power consumption:

motor driven centre roll-winder
805 x 2,060 x 930 mm bis 850 x 3,860 x 930 mm
220 kg up to 380 kg
1,300 mm up to 3,200 mm
100 kg up to 200 kg
1,000 mm
3 inch (76 mm) up to 6 inch (152 mm)
230 VAC, 1~, 50-60 Hz
250 W up to 500 W

Motor drive for left or right winding direction
2-speed winding RPM according to the roll diameter
Winding start / stop controlled by sagging sensor
Integrated emergency-stop loop
Remote fault message

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