22.01.2013Helping is a matter of course

eurolaser donation campaign 2013

Financial worries, occupational hopelessness or family problems – Unfortunately, the sad everyday life for many people. In such a difficult situation, you often need someone who stands by your side. The nonprofit association “Albatros e.V.“ dedicates itself to [details]

22.01.2013Sawing is yesterday's news!

MDF furniture and trade fair construction

MDF, made from wood fibres and resins, is enjoying increased popularity. This inexpensive material is used, for example, in the manufacture of furniture or for trade fair construction. Today, we show you how much time you could save by laser-cutting MDF, as opposed to mechanical [details]

22.01.2013Too hot?

The influence the room temperature has on your production

Fluctuations in the ambient temperature over the course of the day can significantly affect your production results. Why is this and how can you safeguard consistent process results? Read more on this issue and increase the security of your production.


12.12.2012Elegant engraving on polyester

Textile finishing is becoming a megatrend

Embroidery and label manufacturers are now turning to laser technology to process accurately cut patches and labels in a matter of seconds, because time is money. Nevertheless, the development of a completely new trend has been recognised. Laser technology is now being used [details]

12.12.2012Large-scale laser system for textiles

The ‘New Generation’ 3XL-3200

eurolaser provides a special laser system for especially large textiles. With the ‘New Generation’ 3XL-3200, even wider textile sheets up to
3,210 mm width can be processed now. The conveyor system guides the roller cleanly and without distortion to the working surface. [details]

12.12.2012PrintStars 2012 - The German Printing Industry Innovation Award

Laser-processed paper mailshot takes gold

With the help of laser technology, even the most unusual ideas suddenly become viable. This was echoed in the statement of diemaker Nieke + Partner GmbH from Neuss when they accepted an order from a customer which at first didn't seem possible.


14.11.2012Your valuable waste!

Recycling plastics - economical, sustainable and it conserves resources

Do you know how much your plastic waste is actually worth? What has long been widespread with metals, can also be applied to plastics. Used plastic products and production waste can be sent for recycling, so that, thanks to the latest technology, they can be turned back into [details]

14.11.2012Accurate scale architectural modes

LIVESCALE offers a combination of precision, passion and experience

Architectural models are scaled-down, precise representations of construction projects. Their purpose is to illustrate complex designs. A specialist in creating these miniature works of art is the Dubai-based company LIVESCALE LLC. Read and see more about the impressive projects [details]

14.11.2012Prize for innovation and training 2012

Employers' Association honours eurolaser

Innovation and well-trained staff are key factors for success in the competitive international market. Promoting these core elements is therefore seen as highly important at eurolaser, and is, amongst other things, a central focus of its business activities. The company thus [details]

13.11.2012Laser engraved promotional items

Extremely flexible, permanent marking

Anyone who deals in promotional items knows that low costs are de rigueur nowadays. Low volume production at affordable prices is in greater demand than ever. At the same time, the promotional items on offer are expected to be of ever higher quality. For this reason, the [details]

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