14.03.2013eurolaser boosts international presence

Demo centres in the United States, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Thailand and Turkey

After the successful opening of five new application centres during the past year, eurolaser continues with the expansion of its world-wide network in 2013. For you as a customer, this means: competent advice in your own language, live demonstrations and material sampling on [details]

12.03.2013Modern filter technology through modern manufacture

A clean cut - modern filter cut by laser technic

Filtration is becoming an increasingly important consideration, especially where the environment is concerned. In this newsletter, we would like to demonstrate to you efficient methods for the manufacture of filter fleece, an effective filter medium.


21.02.2013Fraudulent labelling?

An end to the rumours - the truth about laser classes

Manufacturers often advertise laser processing machines by claiming their cutters and engravers have a laser class 1 marking. Correct or not? However, what exactly lies behind this label and which consequences does it have for practical use. In the following, we will explain you [details]

19.02.2013The emblem of France made of acrylic glass

Only a laser can do this!

For this edition of LASER today, we constructed a miniature model of the world famous Eiffel Tower made of PMMA. The unusual feature in the making of this little building is the cutting of many highly-detailed contours without causing the material to break. Souvenirs of this [details]

16.02.2013How does the way you store acrylic affect the cutting edge?

Tips for perfect results

When processing acrylic glass (PMMA), the quality of the cutting edge is often the key criterion. Many laser users, however, do not know that the way one stores the materials can have a significant impact on the quality of the edge after it has been laser cut.


13.02.2013High-quality electronic components

Innovations - manufactured using eurolaser system technology

SCHURTER AG is an internationally leading innovator and producer of passive and active electronic components for guaranteeing the reliable supply of power and easy operation of equipment.


22.01.2013Helping is a matter of course

eurolaser donation campaign 2013

Financial worries, occupational hopelessness or family problems – Unfortunately, the sad everyday life for many people. In such a difficult situation, you often need someone who stands by your side. The nonprofit association “Albatros e.V.“ dedicates itself to [details]

22.01.2013Sawing is yesterday's news!

MDF furniture and trade fair construction

MDF, made from wood fibres and resins, is enjoying increased popularity. This inexpensive material is used, for example, in the manufacture of furniture or for trade fair construction. Today, we show you how much time you could save by laser-cutting MDF, as opposed to mechanical [details]

22.01.2013Too hot?

The influence the room temperature has on your production

Fluctuations in the ambient temperature over the course of the day can significantly affect your production results. Why is this and how can you safeguard consistent process results? Read more on this issue and increase the security of your production.


12.12.2012Elegant engraving on polyester

Textile finishing is becoming a megatrend

Embroidery and label manufacturers are now turning to laser technology to process accurately cut patches and labels in a matter of seconds, because time is money. Nevertheless, the development of a completely new trend has been recognised. Laser technology is now being used [details]

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