18.02.2014Tutorial: Fiducial marks

Perfect cutting of printed material

Many applications require precise cutting to existing fiducial marks or other material reference points. eurolaser offers an intelligent solution for this purpose, consisting of a CCD camera and evaluation software: LaserScout POSITIONplus.
The question often [details]

24.01.2014Unbeatably dynamic!

The multiple award-winning eurolaser motion control system

We use the motion control system of the global market leader! We purposely rely on the excellent quality of the Zund Systemtechnik AG specialists from Switzerland. This means you benefit from the expertise of around 20,000 market proven flatbed cutter and the eurolaser core [details]

22.01.2014Can I also cut at a slant with the laser?

Customer ask us - we answer!

We are asked very often whether it is possible to cut at a slant or to cut materials to mitre with our laser systems. This question arises time and again for POS materials like displays and when machining sandwich or lightweight foam boards in particular.


21.01.2014LUMEX® in laser test

Impact-resistant and suitable for foodstuff

With the brand LUMEX®, 3A Composites has added a new material for transparent and translucent applications to the product portfolio. A case for our application engineers. We tested the new board material on our laser systems.


20.01.2014Polyester fabrics in laser test

Laser tested

As part of our material tests, we tested again some products of Georg + Otto Friedrich Wirkwaren KG for its laserability.

The following textiles were tested:

- 7019KMFLBS
- 7048FLBS
- 7019LUXX
- 6043KFL

All fabrics are [details]

12.12.2013Wooden Christmas decoration

Festive atmosphere created with laser light

Christmas time has started and people all over the world are decorating their homes and businesses to give them a festive touch. Windows are filled with candles and fairy lights, and there are plenty of this most popular and classic of Christmas decorations: wooden Christmas [details]

11.12.2013Why don't you give presents simply to your production

eurolaser now incredibly reasonable

Christmas means giving pleasure to your loved ones. Why don't you give presents simply to your production? - And besides, you benefit! The brand new system technology is already available at low rates. So, your monthly costs are predictable and remain manageable also in 2014. [details]

05.12.2013eurolaser supports the 'drobs'

eurolaser GmbH's 2013 fund-raising campaign

Addiction is a widespread problem and a huge burden for those affected. It is currently estimated that as much as three to four percent of the population are directly or indirectly affected by addiction, and trends are indicating that those numbers are on the rise.


22.11.2013Aramid Fibre Composites

Precision components for the aerospace sector

The high material strength of aramid fibres is the reason why they are being used more frequently in the aerospace sector in addition to carbon fibre reinforced textiles. However, their special material properties make such fibres expensive and difficult to process, especially [details]

21.11.2013Simple calculation

Software module for calculating machining time

You can use our new software module PLANNER to calculate the estimated machining time of your cutting jobs as early as the data generating stage. This ensures your calculation is cost effective and miscalculations are a thing of the past. PLANNER is included in our new software [details]

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