Revolutionary laser cutting automation

OptiSCOUT Touch&Go sets new standards

The cooperation of two specialists shows what is possible in the field. The task set by eurolaser and Eurosystems S.à.r.l. was to design complex processes as simply as possible and to automate laser processing as much as possible.

The end result is “Touch&Go”:

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eurolaser and the software system house Eurosystems have brought the future to the present with the new OptiSCOUT product Touch&Go for automation in industrial laser manufacturing.

With the product Touch&Go, eurolaser and Eurosystems have created an individually customisable software interface for operating automated laser systems in close cooperation, based on OptiSCOUT 7.

Although high-tech laser systems process complex data, operation of the software is very easy. “Touch&Go” – a revolutionary product sets new standards in process automation.

With the new OptiSCOUT 7 version, a completely revised version of the software was launched already in 2011 for finishing processes with accurate contours (print and cut). The special version “Touch&Go” can be individually tailored to customer requirements and provides exceptional possibilities to serial and mass producers above all.

The completely automatic process flow thus lowers costs per unit to a minimum. The machine operators only need to re-supply material and remove the cut workpieces. This solution is worth its weight in gold in the industry mostly for serial and mass production. Process information about individual jobs can be requested centrally for production management for example. All important information about the current laser processing can thus be seen at a glance. The operator can see everything and can operate several machines in parallel.

OptiSCOUT Touch&Go is image-guided and reduced to the main options. It can be operated user-friendly via touchscreens as well as with a mouse by default. The machine operators are guided step by step through the menu, whereby all options are displayed as a graphic button. Details that are not required are simply omitted, as known from well organised online shops. This way no steps can be forgotten and the operator reverts to preset parameters. The error ratio is minimised and operation is very easy. The touchscreen interface can be designed precisely to customer specifications.





       “On the one hand our customers desire a degree of automation as high as possible, particularly in industrial
says eurolaser. ”On the other hand, the system settings must be adapted to the customer’s
       application as precisely as possible. This in turn requires a lot of know-how.
       Customers often wish that the machine operator can revert to tested default settings, without needing to perform
       any settings. By individually adapting the new software version OptiSCOUT 7 we can now meet our customer’s
       requirements more than ever.”


The versatile parameters required for laser processing that vary depending on the material are not set by the machine operator. OptiSCOUT reverts back to already existing data, which were determined by job preparation specialists during sophisticated tests. This means the operator no longer needs to deal with technical details of this kind.


       Albert Meyer, Managing Director of Eurosystems, says:

       “Characteristics of complex laser processing are the comprehensive automation of individual work processes 
of the customer and high utilisation of machine capacity through shift operation with trained personnel operating
the machines. The software requirements in such complex laser systems are contrary. Easy to use intuitive machine
       operation on the one hand and automation adapted to the individual, customer-specific work processes on the other.

       Version 7 of OptiSCOUT meets these contrary requirements of automated production. Recurring customer-specific
       functional sequences can be summarised by the customer’s specialists to create macros or new program functions.”