Conveyor System

Automatic material feed for the endless processing of textiles

  • An increase in productivity thanks to loading and unloading during the cutting process
  • Workpiece removal during the cutting process at the collecting table possible
  • The material feed is stretching-free
  • Accurate placement of the workpiece through automatic edge control with the Feeding Unit
  • Optional camera recognition system for automated processing
  • Optional marking systems (e. g. Ink Marker)
  • Processing of very large formats by edgeless continuation of cuts possible
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Feeding Unit for Laser Cutting Systems with Conveyor
Feeding Unit for Conveyor

Feeding Unit

The feeding unit is another optional feature for the conveyor, allowing further automation of textile and foil laser processing. The material is forwarded from the coil to the laser system where it is cut or engraved.

The automatic edge control of the feeding unit ensures a constant material alignment and thus continuously precise high quality cuts – meter by meter.

The material feed is stretching-free, and the contactless laser processing leads to excellent results.



Table extension

The extended table enables the operator to unload the already processed material from the laser system during operation. The conveyor automatically transports the material to the end of the table. The table extension also brings the advantage that the operator can unload the processed parts from three sides of the table and by this the flexibility in the production process is increased.

The Conveyer-Option is the ideal solution for series and mass production. It is equipped with a great package of configurations. Available for the systems M-1200, L-1200, L-1600, L-3200, XL-1600, XL-3200, 2XL-3200 and 3XL-3200.

Laser Cutting System with Conveyor und Feeding Unit
Laser Cutting System with Conveyor und Feeding Unit
Winding unit for Conveyor system
Winding unit for Conveyor system

Winding Unit

The winder is used to evenly wind pre-processed flexible materials such as textiles. Cutting takes place in advance on the conveyor.

To obtain reasonable winding results, it may be necessary to include retaining bridges at the edges of the cut-out shapes to keep them together with the edge material when rewinding.

The product can then be appropriately wound until it reaches a specified maximum bale weight.

Here you will find more information about the winding unit.

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