07.11.2013We listen

With our new systems we have implemented your ideas

For almost 20 years, the laser systems of eurolaser are leading on the market, now we are entering the next evolution step of laser technology. With the new series, we bring the future of the machines to the present. We would like to thank you for the great suggestions to [Leer más]

15.10.2013MDF - printed and laser-cut

Save time with Shuttle Table System and camera

MDF is a versatile material, which is increasingly used with a printed finish. This may be as a display or shelf system for the presentation of merchandise, or as home and office accessories. MDF (medium density fibreboard) can be cut perfectly by laser. Our example demonstrates [Leer más]

14.10.2013Light guide plates produced by laser structuring

polyscale - Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT

The operating principle of a light guide: Light is directed laterally into a plastic plate from the edge by LEDs. The structuring of the plate results in the targeted refraction of light. It achieves a homogeneous surface appearance and at the same time an efficient conversion [Leer más]

27.09.2013Spoilt of tool choice

A range of tools with uncountable possible combinations

Use the laser plus two mechanical tools in parallel on one machine. The entire high-quality range of Zünd tools is available for you. Extend your machining and material options without expensive additional investments.

[Leer más]

17.09.2013Easy to use - whatever language you speak

Now: Our software in 10 languages

Good software solutions should make our everyday work easier and optimise the results. It follows that software should be easy to understand and use, as an essential part of achieving these goals. Technical terms and misleading labels, especially in other language versions, can [Leer más]

17.09.2013Out now!

FOILS in FOCUS - The specialist magazine for foils processors

The first issue of FOILS in FOCUS informs you about the foils-processing variety, digital printing of membrane keyboards and the advantages of laser cutting foils.

Red the first issue of [Leer más]

17.09.2013Successful processing of acrylic

Combine the advantages of laser and routing tools

Laser has many clear-cut advantages in the processing of acrylic glass compared to other machining methods. But some applications can only be implemented with mechanical tools. So why not use these advantages where you need them? Our example shows how laser and routing tools can [Leer más]

22.08.2013International LASER FAIR

26th to 27th September 2013 at eurolaser in Lüneburg

Lasering? Milling? Cooling? Exhausting? Small or big processing area? Under our slogan "ONE for ALL" we are presenting you the unique variety of the eurolaser system technology.

[Leer más]

22.08.2013Print & Cut

No damage to the print during laser cutting

A regular phenomenon when cutting printed acrylic is the undesired damaging of the print at the cut edge. The colour tears or splinters so that a distance of 1-2mm often has to be maintained between edge and print border. We have done the test and trialled the newly developed [Leer más]

21.08.2013The new Laserpoint

The latest edition is now available!

Find out more about the fields of application for CO2 laser systems, interesting customer reports, technical information and, it goes without saying, about all the latest internal eurolaser developments.

[Leer más]

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