Model marking prototype of birch plywood

- precise details in the model making industry

Marvel at the flexibility of our systems and experience live how our XS-610 laser cutting and engraving system first creates model houses individually with filigree engravings and then cuts them out.


Creating a model making prototype from 3 mm birch plywood. The wood is to be engraved and cut at the same time. Using different grey scales, individual areas are machined with different laser power. The material is held in the base plate by highly delicate retaining bridges.


  • Universal engraving and cutting system for fast engraving and clean cutting contours with compressed air supply
  • High resolution up to 1200 dpi possible
  • Various lenses and optical head insertions for a large variety of applications available
  • Different table concepts for different applications/materials


The laser system can meet the high flexibility required by the task.

In model making, the accuracy of fit plays a decisive role. For this reason, delicate and very fine contours have been selected, which were excellently cut by the XS-610 laser system. In addition to precisely cutting the house fronts, the very realistic looking engravings are to be noted.

With the used laser technology, surface structures can be engraved which are characterised by a very high degree of detail.


Here you can find the sample report of cut and engraved birch plywood.



Timbered facade in baseplate
Timbered facade in baseplate
Choker close up of engraving
Choker close up of engraving
Cutting edge detail
Cutting edge detail

eurolaser laser cutting systems in process:

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Model marking prototype
Birch plywood
3 mm
Cut: 2:01 min / engraving: 9:42 min
approx. 94 x 77 mm
Lasercutting and laserengraving of birch plywood