Sealing material - accurately sealed

Seals are an indispensable feature of day-to-day industrial life. They are used in widely differing applications and prevent or limit the passage of unwanted substances from one area to another. The quality of the seals plays a particularly important role in this. The versatility of the eurolaser system is ideally suited for cutting out many sealing materials with high accuracy.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • Very high precision and repeat accuracy
  •  Non-contact cutting means no application of force and therefore no stretching of the material
  • Radius-free internal contours possible
  • No tools (punches, cutters), therefore no wear

In our example, the sealing material consists of aramid fibres bonded with nitrile butadiene rubber.

Typical applications of this compound:

  • Fuels, oils
  • Water, steam, gases
  • Lubricants, coolants
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Saline solutions
  • Weak organic and inorganic acids

Seals are usually exposed to highly complex demands.  Their functionality therefore depends on a number of parameters. Ever increasing environmental and safety consciousness leads to higher and higher demands on sealing capability. It is self evident that an accurate, well fitting blank is a prerequisite for the seal's effectiveness. The CO2 laser provides the ideal solution.

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Material thickness:
Basic material:

Batch size:
Production time:
System Quality Demand:
Tolerances & Accuracy:
Fields of application:

Paper gasket
Aramid fibers bonded with nitrile butadiene rubber
0.5 mm
Serial production
5 min (20 parts)
ca. 100 x 100 mm
high / medium / low
high / medium / low
Seals, paper gasket, gasket material, etc.