Attractive Christmas decorations

Acrylic, wood - there are no bounds to the imagination

Year after year millions of Christmas trees are hung with Christmas decorations the world over. There is an enormous choice of decorations ranging from beautiful wooden angels, elegant stars for the top of the Christmas tree and on right through to glass baubles. In addition to the standard look to be found in the big department stores, there is always a demand for individual ranges as well.

They give every creation a personal touch as well as lending the room a festive atmosphere. Laser technology can also make a contribution here. Whether classically elegant, extravagant and unusual or simply just cheerfully playful – the right Christmas decorations can be created for all styles of furnishing and home trends.

For example you can laser:

  • Candle arches
  • Christmas tree decorations
  • Christmas pyramids
  • Christmas tree baubles
  • Textile decorations
  • Individual Christmas cards
  • Table decorations
  • and many more laser cut and engraved Christmas articles.

Let us inspire you and put you in a festive mood!

Christmas tree decoration


  • Laser cut acrylic and plywood
  • Christmas tree decoration of acrylic and plywood
  • Acrylic candlelight cut by laser
  • Acrylic and plywood decoration
  • Acrylic decoration cut by laser
  • Plywood decoration cut by laser

eurolaser laser cutting systems in process:

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Material thickness:
Basic material:

Batch size:
Production time:
System Quality Demand:
Tolerances & Accuracy:
Fields of application:

Christmas tree decoration
Plywood, acrylic
3 mm
Small series
Plywood 40 sec (150 W)
Acrylic 28 sec (100 W)
approx. 80 x 90 mm
high / medium / low
high / medium / low
Decoration articles